miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017


Jesus was stripped naked when he arrived at the Calvary. As a condemned man, they offered him wine mixed with myrrh (narcotic mixing). Then, the horizontal log was put behind his head and his arms were tied up in order to facilitate the crucifixion.

The executioners made sure that the prisoner did not move while they were nailing his hands. An iron mallet was used to hit the nails, which went through the bones of the wrists and then through holes of the wood. Once the nails were completely nailed, they stuck out a little and consequently were riveted.

Next, the log was raised while Jesus’s hands were nailed. At the same time, other executioners waited for the lifting of the horizontal log (patibulum) in order to fix it with the vertical one (stipes). Finally, they held his feet and bent his knees in order to pierce his feet with a longer nail. According to the Gospels, it can be deduced that the low-level cross would be ‘immissa’ or ‘capitata’, and a ‘titulus’ above it would have been put as usual, in order to express the cause of the sentence.

The crucifixion would be carried out in a few minutes. Jesus’s death would take place due to asphyxia and a multiple organ failure. In addition, he was finished off with a spear thrust on the side…

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